This week, election campaigning reaches a climax with the election on Thursday and the BIA will be keeping a close eye on what changes come through and what they will mean for the industry. The policy team will keep you updated this week and next and all members should have received the BIA election pack last Friday which analysed all of the key party manifestos and looked at who is standing – if you haven’t received this then please email Kelly Oxenham who has just joined the BIA as our new Communications Executive.

Following our blog analysing the three main parties’ manifestos, our policy team has also put together a round up of the SNP manifesto and what it means for the biotech sector. In contrast to the manifestos of the three main parties, the SNP’s does not specifically mention bioscience. However, other sector-relevant policies around for example, the EU single market and Scottish government health spending are included. You can find out more in our blog here.

Another blog worth a read is our update on potential new MPs to keep an eye on in our blog ‘Further potential life sciences champions to watch for on Election night’. Constituencies of note include Cambridge, Edinburgh South and Birmingham Edgbaston. You can read more about the candidates here.

After the new government has been elected, we’ll be hosting our Parliament Day on 6 July, where CEOs can meet with MPs, ministers and civil servants to discuss the issues affecting them. Our Summer Reception will follow the event, where you can network with fellow industry professionals over a drink at the IET Savoy Place. We hope you can join us for what promises to be a fantastic evening.

As well as all of the policy work around the election, the BIA continues to dedicate considerable efforts to preparing for Brexit. Last week, EMA and the European Commission published regulatory guidance for the biotech industry to prepare companies for Brexit in the form of a Q&A document. The EMA is preparing a series of further guidance documents, which will be published on its website.  We welcome the efforts of the European Commission and the EMA in helping life science companies to consider the potential implications of Brexit and prepare for the future. However, as the Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU have yet to start and their ultimate outcome is unknown, so it seems premature to advise companies to prepare only for one outcome where the UK is outside from the European medicines regulatory system. Our regulatory conference, with the MHRA is on July 14th (click here to see the agenda and book).

Continuing the international representation of UK biotech, there is the annual BIO International Convention on 19-22 June. Ahead of the conference, we are hosting the webinar ‘Getting the most from BIO’ on 7 June, which will provide an outline of the main BIO networking events, the UK delegation activities, UK sessions/keynotes and general tips to help plan your time effectively. You can register for the webinar here.

Finally, the BIA offices have just undergone a refurb. When you next pop in you’ll see that our fresh new office now makes better use of space, draws more natural light and offers a collaborative working environment. We look forward to welcoming our members to the new space.