Bioscience is a fundamentally important sector for the UK’s health and wealth. Last year we published our report Celebrating UK bioscience: unravelling the stories behind UK bioscience success, which details just some examples of UK bioscience success. These are only a snapshot of the full spectrum of UK bioscience successes, past or ongoing, but help illuminate where UK bioscience is shaping scientific innovation and is delivering benefits to humanity.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be posting a series of infographics detailing the case studies from the report. This week we take a look at the Oxitec genetically engineered mosquito and how it can be used to tackle mosquito borne disease. 

oxitec infographic

Download the series of infographics here

Keep an eye out for the next phase of our Celebrate project, launching at this year’s UK Bioscience Forum on 20 October…