Q1 2016 reportOngoing BIA engagement enables our members’ voices to be heard at the highest levels. Our latest quarterly update gives an overview of key policy developments and the BIA’s continued engagement with policymakers, regulatory authorities and wider stakeholders on behalf of the UK life sciences industry, from January to April 2016.

In the update, you can read up on key issues for the life sciences industry such as:

The EU referendum and how BIA has engaged in the debate – With the EU referendum set for 23 June, the BIA has been working to ensure that the voice of the UK life sciences industry is heard loud and clear. BIA members have said they believe the industry will be stronger if we remain in Europe and we have conveyed this message through policy and media routes.

The new MMIP_logoministerial and industry taskforce securing the UK’s manufacturing environment for advanced therapies – A new Advanced Therapies Manufacturing Taskforce was launched by the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP) to secure the future of manufacturing advanced therapies in the UK. The taskforce will be co-chaired by George Freeman MP and Ian McCubbin, GlaxoSmithKline.

The latest developments from the EMA on the PRIME priority medicines access scheme and clinical trial data transparency – The new PRIME (PRIority MEdicines) scheme, launched by the European Medicines Agency on 7 March, has got off to a good start with 18 applications as of 21 April. We understand that 60% of the applications were from SMEs, an important target audience of the scheme. Also in March, the EMA published detailed guidance on the implementation of its policy on the publication of clinical trial data. This detailed guidance has been finalised following an extensive consultation with stakeholders concerned throughout 2015, including the BIA.


An update on BIA Advisory Committee 2016 priority policy areas – Our annual Committee Summit took place on 25 February, during which each of BIA’s eight advisory committees held their Q1 meeting. In a plenary session with fellow BIA members, each committee’s focus areas for 2016 were set out. The quarterly report details the specific policy priorities of each committee for the year.

BIA Committee Chairs 2016

While November’s Comprehensive Spending Review may now seem like a distant memory, details are now starting to emerge about some of the spending policy changes it led to. We’ve updated our Spending Review outcomes table to summarise the current state of play in areas including the BIS budget, the research and innovation public funding landscape, regional devolution deals and more.

To learn more about BIA’s policy, public affairs and regulatory affairs work, see our previous quarterly policy updates, our consultation responses, or email Zoë with any questions.