MMIP_logoIt’s Manufacturing March on the BIA blog this month. Today we kick things off with an update from the ABPI on the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP) – established jointly by Government and the biopharmaceutical industry in 2014 to ensure that the UK is recognised by the global medicines industry as a world-class, advanced centre for medicines manufacturing.

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There are a large number of areas that affect the competitiveness of the UK’s medicines manufacturing sector. These include; developments in technology; the business and regulatory environments; and the skills required for the future medicines manufacturing workforce.

The Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP) works across all of these areas in specific workstreams which have already achieved a number of successes in supporting the medicines manufacturing sector in the UK. This article will explore some of those successes.

Working with the MMIP, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has developed a web portal that provides a simple and accessible platform outlining the UK’s strengths and capabilities in medicines manufacturing. This aims to increase understanding around the current industry base, academic research and support for medicines manufacturing in the UK. The hope is that it will be used to promote the UK’s capabilities to the existing UK community and internationally.



The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is collaborating with MMIP to support manufacturers to negotiate UK regulatory requirements. The MHRA Innovation Office was set up to help companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, academics and individuals who have developed a novel medicine or device, or a novel approach to the development or manufacture of a product, in their regulation. To promote this work, a number of case studies have been developed showcasing specific examples of how the Innovation Office has helped companies and how it can help further companies.

MMIP was instrumental in securing Government funding for the Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics programme. This £20.4m programme is a four-year collaboration between Government, the pharmaceutical industry and universities. It is expected to reduce the development time and cost of new medicines, improving the competitiveness of the UK medicines manufacturing sector by allowing for manufacturing processes to be designed and tested digitally before they are introduced in the real world.

On skills, MMIP has provided insight on manufacturing into the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s 2015 Skills Report which found that pharmaceutical companies are struggling to recruit for high skilled roles in the UK due to low numbers of good quality candidates. The MMIP also fed into the Science Industry Partnership’s Skills Strategy and Skills Plan.

But, there is still a great deal to do and much more work that MMIP is hoping to deliver for medicines manufacturing in 2016 and beyond – find out more about the future work of the MMIP here. We look forward to working with colleagues in the medicines manufacturing sector to make sure our future work is aligned with the challenges and opportunities that they identify.

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