Throughout the year the BIA advocates for our members in the UK life science industry, engaging with decision makers and influencers in Westminster, Whitehall and across the science, health and business sectors, as well as with regulators in the UK and Europe.

80meetingsIn 2015, we met with over 80 parliamentarians, civil servants, ministers, shadow ministers and regulators at national and European level.

Our latest quarterly report, ‘Influencing and shaping our sector: BIA update October 2015 – January 2016’, sets out what we’ve been up to in the last few months. You can download the report in full here. Highlights include:

  • Our summary of outcomes of the Government’s 2015 Spending Review and the Nurse Review’s recommendations for the UK’s research landscape, covering the key implications for the sector. For more a more comprehensive analysis of the 2015 Spending Review announcements, our detailed table is available to download here.osborne-csr-2015
  • Further information on the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) priority medicines (PRIME) scheme. The BIA inputted, together with EuropaBio, to the EMA consultation on the key elements of the PRIME scheme, which is due to launch by March 2016.
  • An update on the Accelerated Access Review, which has continued apace since the publication of the interim report in October 2015. The BIA and members have continued to input to the review over the past quarter, including via surveys and workshop events with the Government’s Office for Life Sciences (OLS).
  • Our Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) briefing paper, launched in November to coincide with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine European Investor Day. The paper revealed a significant new level of interest in cell and gene therapies and showcased the BIA’s work in this area to raise awareness around regulatory changes for 2016 that will impact on the development of ATMPs.ATMPpaper
  • Details on the implementation of the EU Clinical Trials Regulation, which will come into effect by October 2018 at the latest, following the endorsement of the timeframe for the implementation of the EU clinical trial portal and database by the EMA Management Board.

We’re always keen to hear from our members. Which policy areas do you care about; what’s impacting your business and R&D? Do you have a story that would help us to make the case for continuity in what works and to change what doesn’t?

To learn more about BIA’s policy, public affairs and regulatory affairs work, see our previous quarterly policy updates, our consultation responses, or email Zoë with any questions.