BIA Member LogoWe know through regular conversations with our members that they join the BIA for a number of reasons – from our flagship events and networking opportunities, to our lobbying work, to the savings made available through our business solutions programme. You can find out more about some of our achievements in 2015 in our recently published ‘Year in Numbers’ infographic. Here, in true BuzzFeed style, we list the top eight reasons why people renew their membership with us every year:

  1. Networking

Networking is the primary reason people join membership groups, and colleagues in all industries are always looking to expand their networks. Whether you’re looking for partnership opportunities, access to potential new customers or to strengthen ties with clients or colleagues in the industry, trade associations are filled with potential contacts and customers from a specific target market.

  1. Professional Development

Number two on the list of reasons why people join membership groups – professional development. Continued education and professional development is important in any industry, and trade associations offer professional development opportunities through workshops and seminars, as well as the opportunity to learn from other members.

  1. Events

Events provide a great opportunity to network and make new connections, as well as a way to keep up to date on industry developments. Seminars and workshops also provide a source of continued industry education. Trade associations offer regular events with agendas specific to the sector and its current needs – check out our 2016 events calendar for the latest information on this year’s events.


  1. Knowledge

Got a problem? Odds are that someone has had the same problem before you, and that others will have the same problem in the future. Trade association workshops, blogs and networking events create opportunities to share best practice and new ideas. They are also full of experts who can input knowledge and expertise to help you with any issues you are experiencing.

  1. Information & news

Joining a trade association is a fast pass to industry news and developments. Either through dialogue with other association members, or through newsletters, social media and other information sources. Staying up to date with industry news allows members to take advantage of changes or developments that might otherwise have passed them by. Follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn group for regular updates.

  1. Increase purchasing power

Trade associations are able to negotiate significant, volume-based discounts and favourable terms on products and services. This combined purchasing power allows member companies to make substantial savings that might otherwise have been inaccessible. Our members take advantage of savings on procurement, insurance, travel, office supplies, secure document sharing and lab supplies.

  1. Gain political clout

Trade associations are the public voice to groups that might otherwise be ignored, utilising high level industry connections, they act as a watchdog for the well-being of the industry as a whole. With strong links with policy makers and regulators, trade associations are able to ensure that industry views are heard. Members can either provide direct input, or show commitment to the industry by supporting the organisation’s mission. To learn more about BIA’s policy, public affairs and regulatory affairs work, see our previous quarterly updates.


  1. Company visibility

Trade associations offer a variety of opportunities to enhance company visibility through events, communications and supporter opportunities. Most importantly they offer access to a specific audience relevant to business goals.

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