UK Bio Web banner 720 x 215_FOMA brief one from me this week as things wind down for the summer.

I’m delighted to be able to invite nominations from individuals interested in joining the BIA Board. All nominations must be received by Wednesday 02 September. Elections will then take place through September for approval at the AGM on 15 October, following this year’s UK Bioscience Forum. Do take a look at the further details provided below and on our website, and notify any colleagues you think may be interested.

Additionally, as we hit the slower summer period, please note that Newscast will be running a ‘reduced service’ – back to normal in September.

For those of you heading off on holiday, have a great time




We are delighted to invite nominations from individuals interested in joining our Board. Nominations must be received by close of business on Wednesday 02 September 2015.

This year, there are five places up for election – four for ‘Corporate’ members and one for ‘Other’ members. The elections will take place during September, and pending approval at the AGM on 15 October 2015, those elected will join the BIA’s Board commencing 1 January 2016 and will serve a three year term. 

Please notify any of your colleagues who you think may be interested. 

NB: Eligibility for Corporate Members is that nominees shall, at the time of their election, be Chief Executive Officers, or divisional chiefs (or their equivalent) or chairmen of a Corporate member company (except in the case of a Corporate Member which is a UK branch or subsidiary of a foreign corporation, in which case a senior representative of the UK branch or subsidiary may be appointed). Within the ‘Other’ Member category nominees shall, at the time of their election, be employees of either an Associate Member company or a Network Member company.

Only one representative from any member company may be appointed to the Board.

Please submit your nomination by the end of the day, Wednesday 02 September 2015, together with a photograph and brief biography. These should be sent to Nick Gardiner, Company Secretary (please CC Jessica Gray). If you have any questions, please contact Nick Gardiner in the first instance.