Earlier this week, The Royal Society published six case studies about businesses using science in the UK. Together, they demonstrate the diverse ways in which science inspires innovation, and how this supports businesses to turn new knowledge into benefits for society. One such case study features BIA member, Immunocore, who are harnessing the body’s own immune cells to fight cancer.

The biotechnology underpinning Immunocore is based on the science of founder Dr Bent Jakobsen, who led his own research team at Oxford’s Institute of Molecular Medicine until 2000. That work is now paying dividends, with positive results for their first clinical trials recently announced. Immunocore’s ambition is to become a premier global biotechnology company and a leader in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Watch the video below to find out more.

The full collection of stories about businesses using science in the UK, ‘Inspiring innovations’ is available to read on The Royal Society website.

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