BIA events autumn 2013

This autumn the BIA is running its busiest events, missions and meetings programme ever. There are over 35 opportunities for members to network, develop their business and make new contacts. These events cover a range of overseas missions, the BIA UK Bioscience Forum on 10 October and even more accessible events for smaller companies around the country focused on issues that most directly affect their business. A handy flyer is available to download and print. Looking forward to 2014, the BIA will be kicking off the new year with its signature BIA Gala Dinner at the Natural history museum on 30 January, registration is open now.

The BIA has been blogging for a year now. Alongside posts from myself and others on the BIA team we have featured contributions from BIA members and other key stakeholders in the sector. Contact Rob Winder if you have a suggestion for a topic to cover. As awareness of the blog grows, I thought you might be interested in the top five most read posts thus far:

We are always looking for pieces that are of interest to BIA members so do contact Rob Winder if you have a suggestion or would like to contribute an article or video.

As introduced last week, the BIA AGM will take place on 10 October – alongside the Bioscience Forum. I’d like to invite nominations from individuals interested in joining our Board from 1 January 2014. Nominations close on 27 August. Please contact Rowena Gardner for further information.

Over the next few weeks you will notice some changes to Newscast and how it is delivered. First, we are planning to highlight the policy and regulatory news updates through the blog in what we hope is a more visually appealing style. Second, as we change our mailing service provider, I hope you notice a few visual improvements to the newsletter (especially if you read BIA material on a phone or tablet) and you will receive it from a different address.