Louise Makin, CEO of BTG

Louise Makin, CEO of BTG

BIA members,

Late last month the Prime Minister invited me and five business colleagues to form a Business Task Force to “take a fresh look at the impact of EU regulations on British businesses”, in particular small to medium sized enterprises. Just over a week ago the Task Force, chaired by the Business Minister, Michael Fallon MP, met for the first time.

The purpose of this post is to ask you for evidence to help us identify concrete examples of European rules, regulations and practices where reform could benefit British business. We can all think of examples of unhelpful EU regulations such as the proposed ban on the use of refillable bottles and dipping bowls of olive oil at restaurant tables.

The task force is deliberately taking a pragmatic approach and we’re looking for fresh and practical suggestions. The more specific you can be the better. Areas of health and safety, employment law and company registration have been identified as of interest.

I am particularly interested to hear views about regulations relating to life sciences but if you have any comments relating to employment, chemicals, food safety and hygiene and the digital economy we would also welcome them.

I recognise that we’re entering the summer holiday period but this is a unique opportunity to make a significant difference so any assistance you can give would be much appreciated. The more evidence we receive, the better our chances of identifying reforms that could make a real difference to the growth prospects of British companies.

We are working to a tight timescale, and evidence is needed by 23 August. Any evidence of red tape you have can be submitted to us at EUregulations@btgplc.com.

I am also looking to form an industry focus group of CEOs to discuss identified areas of concern in life sciences over the summer.

Please contact Antonis Papasolomontos, Head of Public Affairs and Policy at the BIA or Ashley Tapp, Communications Manager at BTG if you are interested in participating in the focus group or have any other comments or questions.

Louise Makin
BTG plc