Critical Pharmaceuticals

Gareth King, CEO of Critical Pharmaceuticals, previews the company’s presence at the BIO 2013 International Convention, the world’s largest biotechnology event.

This week, licensing and business development leaders from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies located world-wide will assemble in Chicago at the Business Forum of the BIO International Convention. I look forward to joining them, as CEO of Critical Pharmaceuticals, an innovative UK-based biotechnology company developing a pipeline of unique biological products utilizing our proprietary drug delivery technologies. Months before the BIO convention starts, the BIO One-on-One Partnering system has enabled me to maximise the time I have in Chicago by engaging with potential partners for our lead development programs and nasal and long-acting depot drug delivery technologies.

My key focus at BIO is to seek partners for Critical Pharmaceuticals’ clinical stage programs:

  • CP024 – intranasal human growth hormone for the treatment of endocrine disorders. CP024 has established clinical proof of concept from two phase 1 studies, with equivalent bioactivity to subcutaneous injection of marketed product. Moreover, it is the first intranasal human growth hormone product to induce the clinically important biomarker IGF-1 in man.
  • CP046 – intranasal teriparatide (parathyroid hormone or PTH 1-34) for the treatment of osteoporosis. This product has demonstrated increased activity in cell culture models, exceptional relative bioavailability in preclinical studies and a clinical trial in post-menopausal women will start shortly.

Both CP024 and CP046 have significant advantages over existing daily injectable products and are now at a stage that we want to secure partners for their further development and commercialisation on a world-wide basis.

BIO also offers a great forum for discussions with potential partners who are looking to develop novel and differentiated products utilizing our platform drug delivery technologies:

  • CriticalSorb – for non-invasive intranasal delivery.
  • CriticalMix – long-acting injectable depot technology.

Both these technologies are particularly well suited to the delivery of biological drugs: Biologics account for more than 30% of new drug applications and yet typically require frequent injections.

Critical’s technologies have been proven in clinical and preclinical proof of concept studies and further validated in our partnered programs with biopharmaceutical companies on their own novel protein and peptide therapeutics.

The BIO One-on-One Partnering system has enabled me to quickly establish the key interests of the attending pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including their focus therapeutic areas and types of opportunities they are seeking, and to secure meetings with members of their business development teams. My meeting schedule has filled up rapidly with only a small number of 30 minute ‘slots’ still available. This is a very efficient, albeit exhausting, way to meet a large number of potential partners to introduce Critical Pharmaceuticals or to update already interested partners on our drug programs and platform technology. I look forward to a very productive few days engaging with potential partners and collaborators in Chicago.